Have You Seen Your Foot Doctor Lately?

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Got Flat Feet? Why You Need To Take Care Of The Problem Now

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If you have flat feet you likely do not have any pain. You still need to take care of the problem, however, or you will have a lot of pain down the road. Below is some information about flat feet, the causes of this problem, what will happen if you don’t get them treated, and the types of treatment available. Flat Feet Flat feet are also known as fallen arches. If you have this condition the arch of your feet will come directly in contact with the floor while you are standing. Read More»

Going Barefoot: How It Can Make Your Heels Hurt

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If your shoes hurt your feet or feel uncomfortable when you wear them, you might go barefoot to keep the pain at bay.  Although going barefoot can alleviate the tension in your feet, it may not be good on your heels. Here’s how going barefoot can potentially cause your heels to hurt. Is Going Barefoot Bad For Your Heels? If you’re like many other people, your feet may not feel comfortable in shoes. Read More»

How To Finally Get Rid Of Stubborn Athlete's Foot

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Athlete’s foot can cause pretty intense itching and soreness between your toes and even on the base of your foot. Caused by fungi, this condition can be pretty stubborn and difficult to get rid of! If you’ve been treating athlete’s foot with over-the-counter antifungal creams for a few weeks but are still experiencing symptoms, it’s time to kick your treatment into high gear. Here are some tips to help you finally get rid of that stubborn fungus. Read More»

What Caused Your Corn And How To Treat It

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If you have a painful growth between your toes or on the top of your foot, you may think you have a wart. It could be a corn instead. A corn is a common foot condition that’s often caused by your foot rubbing against your shoe. Here is some information about what causes this condition and how a podiatrist can help. What Causes A Corn A corn is a buildup of dead and thick skin that your body creates to protect the area from irritation. Read More»

What Can You Do About Stubborn Plantar Fasciitis?

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Plantar fasciitis is a condition in which the connective tissues in the bottom of the foot, known as the plantar fascia, swell and become irritated. It is often brought on by tight calves and repetitive motion, such as running or walking. Many cases clear up within a few weeks with rest, some stretches, and regular icing treatments. But sometimes plantar fasciitis lingers, causing ongoing symptoms for months or years. If you have a stubborn case of lingering plantar fasciitis, here’s a look at your treatment options. Read More»

Preventing Blisters During Long-Distance Races

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Many people enjoy participating in competitive runs. Running can be a great way to get exercise and meet new friends, but long distance running can take a toll on the overall health of you feet if you are not prepared to withstand the distance. Blisters can often plague long-distance runners, making the completion of a race uncomfortable. Here are three tips that you can use to help prevent blisters during your next long-distance race. Read More»