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Got Flat Feet? Why You Need To Take Care Of The Problem Now

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If you have flat feet you likely do not have any pain. You still need to take care of the problem, however, or you will have a lot of pain down the road. Below is some information about flat feet, the causes of this problem, what will happen if you don't get them treated, and the types of treatment available.

Flat Feet

Flat feet are also known as fallen arches. If you have this condition the arch of your feet will come directly in contact with the floor while you are standing. Instead of this, the arch should curve to prevent it from touching the floor. The arch is between the balls of your feet and your heels. There are tendons that run across the length of the bottom of your feet. These tendons tighten when you stand, which is what creates the arch. For someone that has flat feet all the tendons do not tighten.

Causes of Flat Feet

In many cases people are born with flat feet as it happens in the womb while the baby is developing. There are also health conditions that can result in flat feet such as rheumatoid arthritis and nerve problems.

If you are overweight this puts a lot of pressure on your feet. This could affect the tendons resulting in flat feet. Losing weight should take care of the problem quickly.

If one or more of your family members have flat feet, the problem may be hereditary.

What Will Happen Without Treatment

Over time you may notice that your feet get tired quickly after walking or standing up for a considerable period of time. You may eventually start feeling pain along the arch of your feet, as well as pain when you move your feet. The bottom of your feet may look swollen and you may have leg or back pain.

If you do not treat the problem, this can result in things like plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, heel pain, and tendonitis in one or both feet.

It is possible that nothing will happen at all, but you have a much higher chance of developing these problems if you are an active person, such as if you are a runner, a hiker, and more.  

Flat Feet Treatment

You should see a podiatrist, as this doctor specializes in feet and ankle problems. The doctor may suggest that you wear special shoes that have inserts that create arches for you. The doctor will make a mold of your feet and have the inserts made in a lab. This is important as the inserts need to fit your feet perfectly.

The doctor will likely teach you some feet exercises that you can do at home on a regular basis to keep the tendons in your feet tight.

The podiatrist can go over all this information with you in much more detail. Contact a clinic, like Affiliated Ankle & Foot Care Center, for more help.