Have You Seen Your Foot Doctor Lately?

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How You Can Treat And Prevent Foot Pain When You Run Daily For Exercise

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Foot pain is fairly common among runners due to the long period of repetitive motion when you run and the pounding your feet take from running on hard surfaces. Injuries are common too, which results in further pain. Pain and injury are especially common when you first start a running program and haven’t learned how to care for your feet properly. Here’s a look at what causes foot pain when you run and how you can treat and prevent it. Read More»

Heel Spur Symptoms And Treatment Options

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Heel spurs can be very painful and may mimic the same pain as plantar fasciitis. It is a pain in the heel that is caused by excessive bone growth on the heel that rubs on the nerves, joints, and other areas of the foot. Heel spurs can happen to both men and women, although they can occur more often in women. Read on for symptoms and treatment options. Heel Spur Symptoms Read More»

Four Possible Reasons Why Your Ankle Sprain Isn't Healing

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A foot doctor could tell you many of the reasons why your ankle sprain refuses to heal. However, if you don’t want to visit an orthopedist and you are almost sure your ankle is going to be normal again on its own, have a look over the next few paragraphs. Try and understand what’s happening with your body when it’s so badly hurt. A sprained ankle is always painful, that’s for sure. Read More»