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Four Possible Reasons Why Your Ankle Sprain Isn't Healing

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A foot doctor could tell you many of the reasons why your ankle sprain refuses to heal. However, if you don't want to visit an orthopedist and you are almost sure your ankle is going to be normal again on its own, have a look over the next few paragraphs. Try and understand what's happening with your body when it's so badly hurt.

A sprained ankle is always painful, that's for sure. It could happen to you while dancing or while you are simply walking to the store to get some vegetables for dinner. There are many reasons to go to the orthopedist, but before deciding on that, here is what you should understand about why your ankle can't heal.

1. Chronic Synovitis

It's the chronic synovitis. This would definitely call for a visit to the orthopedist. It is a swelling related issue that won't go away till a specialist takes care of the irritation or the excess fluid. It happens when the surface of the joint has been damaged and it appears like both the surface and inside the joint is badly swollen.

2. Sinus Tarsi Syndrome

It's the sinus tarsi syndrome. In Latin, sinus means hollow and tarsus means ankle. It is also an anatomical part of your ankle. The sinus tarsi syndrome can be easily identified by an orthopedist and it is one of the main causes why your sprained ankle refuses to heal. When a part of a ligament is torn inside this "hollow ankle", only the dance medicine specialist will be able to diagnose it. Or the orthopedist. It is quite difficult to diagnose this with an MRI or an X-ray machine.

3. Personal Weakness

It's peroneal weakness. The two peroneal tendons running down the exterior of the ankle have different sizes; one is short and the other one's longer. They are the main anatomical parts that keep the ankles from rolling over. Without these two tendons, our ankles would always sprain. Injury can cause these tendons to weaken. If there's a problem with these tendons, the orthopedist can easily diagnose it. He or she will then send you to physical therapy.

4. Personal Tendon Damage

It's peroneal tendon damage. This is one of the most difficult ankle problems, especially if you are a dancer and you have repeatedly sprained your ankle. When you sprain your ankle so often, the tendons that were mentioned earlier can develop longitudinal tears. There is not much you can do when this happens. The problem would get worse and worse with time. Contact the orthopedist and they will either send you to surgery or come up with another solution.

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