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Treatments A Foot Specialist May Be Able To Provide For You

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A foot specialist will be able to provide a patient with a wide range of different types of treatments and services. Unfortunately, this can be necessary due to the various issues that a patient may encounter when it comes to the health and comfort of their feet.

Treating Fungal Infections

Fungal infections can be one of the more common sources of issues for patients. When a person is unfortunate enough to develop a fungal infection, they can be put in a position where they may experience intense pain and burning sensations. Unfortunately, these problems can often be difficult to treat without professional assistance. In addition to the use of topical creams and other treatment options, patients will also need to use products that can thoroughly sanitize their shoes and socks. Otherwise, they can find themselves in a cycle where they are regularly reinfecting their feet.

Fitting A Patient For Orthotics

Without effective support, you could find that you may be vulnerable to suffering significant pain and discomfort from standing or walking. One option for alleviating this could be for the patient to start using orthotics. These are inserts that can be placed in a person's shoes. They will greatly enhance the amount of support that the arch of their foot is receiving, which can allow them to stand and walk for longer periods of time without suffering discomfort. To be fully effective, it is important for the orthotics to be custom fitted to the patient's feet. Luckily, a foot specialist can fit their patients for orthotics so that the patient's feet will get the correct level of support based on the weight distribution of their body.

Correcting Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown toenails can be a very uncomfortable problem to experience. Unfortunately, it is also possible for this to be an issue that may eventually become severely infected. This type of infection will be able to spread throughout the body, and it can become severe enough to make it extremely difficult for a person to stand. Sadly, there are some individuals that may be especially prone to developing ingrown toenails. This can put them in a position where they may need to regularly have their toenails corrected. This may involve a minor surgical procedure that will involve removing the portion of the toenail that has grown into the skin. The use of a local anesthetic can minimize the discomfort and pain that the patient experiences. Luckily, the recovery from this foot procedure will be fairly short, but a patient will need to be diligent about keeping the surgery site as clean as possible.

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