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Plantar Fasciitis Relief: How To Get Immediate Relief For Foot Pain

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You might have a very hard time managing pain that comes from long-term foot conditions like plantar fasciitis. Most people experience endless pain on their feet and are forced to rely on painkillers to manage it. However, other remedies can help you relieve the pain throughout the day. Here are four alternative remedies that work excellently.

A Motion Ball Can Help

A motion ball is a simple and effective tool you can use to minimize the pain in the foot tendons. It is also possible to use a golf ball as a substitute for the mobility type. You simply place the ball on the floor and place the foot on top of it. You can roll your foot back and forth on the ball. Ensure that you apply a steady stream of pressure throughout the massage process. You will experience shooting pain in the most affected parts of the foot. However, you will also notice a reduction in the soreness when you bear with the pain. The massage works by increasing the flow of blood into the foot and speeding up the muscle recovery process. You can also put the motion ball in a freezer and use it while cold.

Make Use of a Cold Compress

Ice is one of the most effective ways to minimize all types of pain and inflammation. You can minimize the prickling pain on your tendons and heel by applying cold pressure on the foot. If you do not have ice slippers, simply put some peas in a plastic bag and freeze them. The cold numbs nerves, which reduces the pain sensation.

Get a Toe Separation Tool

Fasciitis forces you to curl your toes all the time because you feel more comfortable. With time, tendons shrink and become extremely tight. You can turn this situation around using a toe separation tool. It allows your toes to naturally relax. It also stretches the muscles and increases blood flow to the sole of the foot. The stretcher can also tear down all adhesions that lead to shooting pains when you step on the floor. Use the separator all the time when sitting or lying down.

Use Bottle Massage

Almost everyone has a bottle of water on hand. You can massage yourself with it by putting it between the ball and the heel. Gently roll back and forth. Also, it massages and heals the foot.

The most effective way to permanently handle the condition is by seeing a podiatrist. They will assess your state and pain levels and recommend an ideal treatment regimen. For more information about plantar fasciitis relief, contact a local professional.